I Will Fly the Sky and Walk the World


Oh I will fly the sky and walk the world. I will kiss the northern lights, and dance with the midnight sun. I will sing to the highest peak and fall in love so deep with the ocean. I will tell my story to the earth and listen to its voice. I will hug the forest and run with the wind. I will flirt with nature and recite her the poem of love. I will jump to the river and play with the stream. I will breathe freedom and touching the colors of life. Oh I will fly the sky and walk the world.


I’m Not Lost.


This is my end of year reflection.

What do I do in new year’s eve?

Getting lost. Again. In a city I don’t familiar with.

I started to think that being lost is my theme for this year. I don’t feel belong to the work I’m currently into. I don’t really know what I want in life. Most of the time I feel clueless. I don’t feel I’m on the right track.

And maybe I need this trip to constantly throw me to strange place, to the wrong place, to where I’m not supposed to be. Just to teach me that there is beauty in every corner, even in unthinkable places. That there are lights in places that never occured to me. That above everything, I need to trust myself, every reason, every decision, and every step that I ever made. That I will always aligned with life.

I’m not lost. I’m creating my own path.

December 31st, 2014.