On Fear


I think most of us have certain fear that we may not realize until it’s time for us to face it.

Then we have two options: fight or flight. The easiest is (probably) to flight. But that means we keep that fear with us.

But what if, you want to fight but you’re not sure whether you’ll win or not? is it worth it? Is it worth the damage?

But what if, it’s never about the winning? What if, it’s actually about the courage to try? What if, it’s about trust? How much do you trust yourself?

Do you trust yourself?

What if, fear is present in the exact moment that you need to trust yourself once again? That when fear is come, it’s a sign that something good will happen to you.

But only if you trust yourself with the courage to try.


On Learning


Today’s conversation:

Q: What is your most memorable moment during your work here?

A: When I said to myself “ini gimana cara gue ngerjainnya ya?”

Q: ..and how is that positive?

A: Because that means I’m doing something new. I’m in a new situation and I can learn something new.

I feel scared and anxious all the time. Most of my works that I do right now, I know nothing about. I’m taking baby steps each and every time just to ensure that I start something, knowing that I can craft the path along the way.

There are days when I came home with my head so full I just sit in silence so I can sort everything out. There are days when I just shrugged it off and trying not to care.

There are days when I wish I could go back to the day when it’s all fun and play. But there are also days when I think that the sense of thrill not always come from something physical. Sometimes it’s mental. And it’s exciting too.

Morning Research

Breakfast at Tognini’s Cafe Deli, Brisbane.

We both learn something new this morning.

I learn how to take picture in instagram story from Muc.

She learn to take good picture by choosing angle and making a composition.

We also have a burning question since last night:


What’s the difference between a latte and flat white?


We googled it and the difference is in the form of the milk. One is liquid and one is foam.

So we made an experiment by ordering the two from the same place, tasted it, and have a temporary conclusion:


It’s the fuckin same :))


Validity with los 0.95.

We will re-tested it soon in some other place.