Do No Harm – Part 2


I trust my intuition so much, even to the littlest thing like going to a book store and feeling that a certain book is ‘calling’ me. No matter how random and unfamiliar I am with the topic, I tend to just go with it and give it a chance.

This one, turns out to be one of the best books I’ve ever read. The balance of sweet happy tone of a victory to the tragic side of disaster in neurological cases and treatments is what makes it beautiful in a very humane way. The balance of hope and despair. And the life and death.

Never I empathized so much to other profession like what I feel during my experience reading the story of Henry marsh. His thoughts, his emotions, his decisions while trying to ‘fix’ the brain, the one particular part of the body that gives you consciousness, language, logic, and basically, what makes you, you. From arrogance to humbleness. From sadness to forgiveness.

And from the little gesture I learned from his habit to personally wash and blow-dry the hair of his female patients after the operation, I can see what kind of person he is. I tend to distrust doctors for their detachment with patients. I know I still do. But I hope more doctors are wise enough like Mr. Marsh.


Daddy’s Little Girl

Sometimes I wonder how my dad can keep up with me. A very unconventional daughter. He worries when I come home late. Yet he lets me travel the world on my own. He got panic if I don’t answer his call. Yet he allows me to do whatever I want. Bungy jumping, scuba diving, mountain trekking. I know he always silently pray for my safety. A daughter that sometimes too selfish and stubborn. Yet he loves me so.

Sometimes I wonder how my dad can keep up with me.

But maybe it’s simply because he’s my dad.