Feeling Nostalgic


This morning I woke up with strong urge to write.

And suddenly I remembered about my long lost and forgotten blog and couldn’t shoved it out of my mind for the entire day.

I spent my lunch time visiting this blog, re-read everything and somehow it feels so emotional for me.

Those past memories are rushing back to the surface.

So here I am on my late night writing session, trying to collect all of my writings from my Path and Instagram accounts, and trying to re-write some of them to this blog.

I never realized that I wrote so much in the past years. It is time to put everything in one platform. Just so I don’t forget my own stories.

Stories exist as a reminder, of the things that I’ve gone through in life.

But stories also have to be made.

So I hope I will always have the courage to go out there and create more stories for myself.


On Sadness


Tonight, I am reminded that everyone has their own battle. The suppressed feeling. The unspoken sadness.

They might not show it, but that doesn’t mean that the pain is not real.

But I hope, I really hope that you’re doing okay.

Sleep well.

Tomorrow is another day.