Hello and Welcome!

Hi! I’m Astra from Indonesia. I’m a psychotraveler. Yeah well I’m a psychologist and I love to travel so that’s why I’m a psychotraveler hahaha ;)

I travel since I was a kid. I went to Bali with my grandparents when I was 7 year old, and since then, the story went on. I was not yet a ‘traveler’ at that time. I was just a mere follower of my family who happened to have the wanderlust gene in their bloods. They have been travel around the world, and I got inspired by them to start my own journey. I’m forever thankful for them for those early introduction to the outside world. I still have on me, pieces of memories that I have during those early traveling years. Strong memories that helped me to be what I am today. To be able to see how different we are with one another, but yet we are still the same human inside. That was the biggest treasure that I learned, and while I might not realized it by then, but now I’m happy to know that the process to become me has always been happening and still keep on going until this exact moment.

The idea to collect and write about my travel experiences had been mounted inside my head since 2011. During the 2 hours bus ride to Huangshan Mountain in China, my mind wandered off and I started to think that someday I want to write about all these beautiful memories that I had. About the places I have been into; about the people I met that, surprisingly and without them knowing, already leave their marks in my heart and enriching my soul; about the various range of feelings and emotions that I felt, and of course about the process of how I continuously learn and grow as an individual from every single experience that I encounter. I need to write it all down, as a reminder for myself, that I once live a happy life and I should never forget that. Whatever tomorrow brings, bring it on!

And this is also my form of gratitude toward life.

Traveling has given me the sense of freedom. When I’m on the road, I am myself.
– A group of teenager at Losari Beach, Makassar, Indonesia –



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